Barbados is home to a number of historical sites and shipwrecks. The latest discovery belongs to Roger White, a Divemaster at Barbados Blue who found the Anti-Torpedo Net established in World War 2. September 11th, 1942 is the day World War 2 reached the shores of Barbados. German U-Boat 514 pulled into Carlisle Bay that

It must be Squid Season in BIM!

Lately we’ve seen squads of squid on all of our afternoon dives in Carlisle Bay! Sometimes adults hanging out alongside the deeper shipwrecks and sometimes littlebabies trying to blend in beside mooring lines near the surface. Be sure to listen to our dive briefings when we go over the hand signals for squid as they

Dive Fest Barbados 2018

What an amazing week! Barbados Blue took the lead on Dive Fest Barbados 2018 and put together a week of diving extravagance for all! We started the month before Dive Fest was to begin, with our Ocean Awareness Program for children. Barbados Blue partnered with Carter’s Hardware Store to sponsor 100 local disadvantaged children. We

All the latest from Barbados Blue

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to since we last saw you. Come back Soon! Source: Our clean up #diveagainstdebris with @projectaware was a lot of fun! You certainly.find some crazy stuff underwater! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us clean up Carlisle Bay. Drive to get more