About Us


Our professional staff will help you enjoy a wide range of scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports. All Staff are medically trained. The Barbados Blue scuba diving shop is the only facility on island with two on staff Marine Biologists, one of whom (Andre Miller MSc.) is also the PADI Project Aware Coordinator for Barbados. At Barbados Blue we focus on the ecological aspect of scuba diving and snorkeling, after all we helped draft the local scuba diving, marine protected area and water sports regulations.

Our Marine Biologists have been planning underwater and beach cleanups for over ten years, and have coordinated coral transplantation and coral monitoring projects in the Eastern Caribbean. Moreover, in celebration of International Year of the Reef we have been involved in public awareness presentations & primary school excursions, in addition to being a PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Monitoring Dive Centre, and host dive centre for the Eastern Caribbean’s Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation workshop.


Perfectly Located

Our dive shop is located at the Hilton Hotel on Needhams’s Point which gives us easy access to both the south and west coasts of Barbados.

We are also a 5 minute boat ride away from the Carlisle Bay Marine Park with its great snorkeling and shipwreck scuba diving.

Hilton beach is the most dense Hawksbill Turtle nesting beach in the Eastern Caribbean, so you are almost guaranteed to see one while snorkeling, kayaking or diving with us.  If it is one thing that separates Barbados and Barbados Blue from other dive destinations it is the fact that we dive and snorkel with more turtles than anyone else.

Your Partner With Mother Earth

Barbados Blue is the premiere environmental dive facility in Barbados , and is the only facility with two PADI Instructors who are also marine biologists; Manager Andre Miller M.Sc. specialty in coral transplantation and Christie Finney M.Sc. specialty in the genetic biodiversity and distribution of coral symbionts in the Barbados and the Caribbean.

Barbados Blue is a 100% AWARE eco-diving facility and that means that for every student we certify at any PADI level we make a donation to ocean protection with the Project AWARE foundation. We are also a PADI Project Aware Coral Watch Dive Operator; as such we regularly monitor coral reefs and submit data to provide critical information on coral bleaching, and other ecological issues. Barbados Blue is also theReef Check Coordinating scuba diving shop for the Eastern Caribbean, and we conduct educational seminars for schools, youth camps and organize underwater and beach clean-ups.

All of our boat engines are four-stroke low emission engines and weekly servicing is done to keep our cruisers as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We use permanent moorings as oppose to dropping anchor, and all oil and beverage containers are recycled.

How We Got Here

Dive Barbados Blue established another dive site along the south coast named Turtle Point (what else?), and here we get an average of ten turtles on each dive, including the very rare Ridley sea turtle spotted recently! One of our favorite sites, this is a photographer’s dream dive. Due to our close ties with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project and the University of the West Indies we guarantee that our tours are ecologically sustainable and we will in no way harm these magnificent creatures. Barbados Blue’s Divemasters and Instructors regularly report all nesting activities and rescue stranded or disoriented hatchlings.

Our Vision

Visiting mariners have for years commented on the vibrancy of the blue waters surrounding Barbados.

Barbados, the most easterly island in the Caribbean archipelago is unlike many of the other islands in the Caribbean, which are volcanic. Barbados itself is an ancient coral reef with over 85% of its surface comprised of limestone. This phenomenon explains why Barbados’ topography below and above the surface is relatively moderate, and why shallow reefs can be found far offshore.

Barbados’ limestone base, white coralline sand, clear oceanic waters, and its location at N13° 10 W59° 32, affects the wavelength of the light reflected. This gives us something unique, a colour, a feeling… Barbados Blue!