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Divemaster Course & Internship

Become a Dive Professional!

Are you interested in living the dream and going PRO! with your scuba diving skills? Are you an experienced Rescue Diver looking for the next step toward becoming a career or professional hobbyist diver? If so, then join us for your PADI Divemaster training in Paradise!

Learn to supervise scuba diving activities and assist with scuba classes. Depending on your schedule and availability, consider the options between the course training and the internship. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in paradise scuba diving?

PADI Training

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Please contact us if you are interested in a course that is not shown below.


More Information About PADI Dive Training

What is PADI eLearning?2023-04-26T12:37:51+00:00

We are happy to help our guests get started with their scuba diving journey from home before joining us. These programs are called eLearning and can be registered directly through us. It saves studying while on vacation; starting from home today and learning to Scuba Dive or Freedive with PADI and Barbados Blue

Why do I need Medical Forms?2023-04-26T12:38:04+00:00

For all PADI training courses, a Medical form will need to be completed. If divers answer NO honestly to all questions then no doctor’s note is required. If on the other hand, divers answer YES to any of the questions please bring a doctor’s clearance with you. This is the same form used for all PADI courses from beginner through to Instructor levels. Click Here

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