Barbados is home to a number of historical sites and shipwrecks. The latest discovery belongs to Roger White, a Divemaster at Barbados Blue who found the Anti-Torpedo Net established in World War 2.

September 11th, 1942 is the day World War 2 reached the shores of Barbados. German U-Boat 514 pulled into Carlisle Bay that morning and set off 6 torpedos. Most were stopped by the torpedo net, with the exception of the last one that hit the Cornwallis, damaging it. A piece broke off while the ship was being towed to shore for repairs, and that piece still sits in shallow waters where it is visited by divers everyday.

The Torpedo Net sank to the ocean floor where it still sits in a crumpled pile, 110feet deep. It is now overgrown with corals and marine life, though the iron links and ballast are still distinguishable.