Here are some of the things we’ve been up to since we last saw you.

Come back Soon!


Our clean up #diveagainstdebris with @projectaware was a lot of fun! You certainly.find some crazy stuff underwater! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us clean up Carlisle Bay.

Drive to get more children swimming — NationNews Barbados — Local, Regional and International News


Barbados Blue is honoured to sponsor and host this set of 100 children as we teach them how to swim and educate them about marine conservation and basic first aid. This initiative is a part of Dive Fest Barbados as prelude to events that will include free scuba and freediving trials. The smiles on the faces of these children as they accomplish new skills in the water is priceless! We are lucky to have our skill sets and so happy to pass the knowledge on to Barbados’ youth.

We had such a great time with our fantastic freediving group…


We had such a great time with our fantastic freediving group yesterday! Everyone increased their breath hold and pushed their limits with success and newfound comfort underwater. Go Team! #DiveFestBarbados #BarbadosDiveFest #CressiDiveFest

This week – Dive Fest – has been pretty epic so far!! We’ve …


This week – Dive Fest – has been pretty epic so far!! We’ve seen a ton of seahorses (yellow, black, pink!), loads of turtles (hawksbills and green turtles!), some brilliant stingrays (southern and eagle rays!) and SO MANY smiling divers! It’s almost as if our marine life are celebrating Dive Fest with us. More videos to come soon! This Hawksbill was found on our mornings dives yesterday.

We’ve got PADI #Ambassadiver and Marine Biologist Andre Mill…


We’ve got PADI #Ambassadiver and Marine Biologist Andre Miller and our Sister Shop Eco Dive – Grenada’s Manager + Marine Biologist, Christie Finney diving with us this morning ????

Don’t worry, they’ll stick around for our 2pm #DIVEAGAINSTDEBRIS if you have any Coral/Marine Life related questions for them. Or better yet, come join us on our clean-ups at 2pm!

Don’t Forget Your Cameras!


We’ll remind everyone onboard, so please don’t forget your cameras! Be sure to tag #BarbadosDiveFest and #CressiDiveFest in all your insta, facebook and social pics this week! Winning photo will be chosen Sunday at 5pm

Barbados’ Hidden Treasure 


With the events that occurred today surrounding Drill Hall Beach – the primary Hawksbill nesting beach in Barbados, we wanted to remind everyone that these creatures deserve protection! Not only because of what incredible animals they are, but also because of how vital they are to our tourism industry. Barbados Blue assisted some of the students at Bellairs Research Institute with a valuation report about turtles and tourism. Check it out >

Shame on you Soca on De Hill Barbados! No party is worth sac…


No party is worth sacrificing the lives of countless endangered hatchlings, turtles and nests. Please do not attend or support any fetes that have such careless regard for nature and marine life.

Thank you Carla and the Barbados Sea Turtle Project for committing yourselves to protecting our Critically Endangered Sea Turtle populations. Your work is appreciated and invaluable.

It’s DISCOVERY DAY for Dive Fest Barbados! 


We’re offering FREE intro to Freediving + games and PRIZES! and then FREE intro to Scuba sessions in the pool.

We know that the other shops are offering similar experiences, but aside from our amazing staff, we’d like to remind you of another advantage to choosing Barbados Blue over the other guys ???? The beautiful Hilton Barbados pool we get to use!! Waaaayyyy better than the sargassum-y shoreline in Carlisle bay right now :P