Barbados Blue, first dive shop to dive on our new wreck the “Brianna”!

Late on Sunday night or early Monday Morning August 4th 2014 the Brianna an old cargo freighter that was at anchor outside Carlisle Bay sunk on her anchor.  After the Barbados Coast Guard were finished with their initial inspection members of the Barbados Blue team were the first shop in the water to have a look around.  As of Monday afternoon Brianna was sitting nicely upright on her keel in ~25 m of water at the stern (22 m at the bow on the bottom and mast superstructure at a safety stop depth of 5 m).  Already with Anglefish, Barracuda, baby Sargent Majors and of course Lionfish she was attracting attention straight away.  I am sure there will be many many pictures to follow but for a tasting of day one …

Barbados Blue first to dive new shipwreck Brianna anglefish-Brianna-wm barbados-blue-facebook-bow-wm Brianna-mast-day-1-Barbados-Blue Brianna-Stern-Barbados-Blue-wm brianna-wheel-house-wm chris-ring-Brianna-wm crane-forward-Brianna-wm deck-depth-Brianna-wm deck-spare-prop-Brianna-BB depth-rudder-Brianna funnell-Brianna-wm inside-wheel-house-Brianna-wm lionfish-brianna-wm stern-wm tanks-top-deck-brianna-wm top-Brianna-wm sarah-ring-Brianna-wm