snorkeling in Barbados

Snorkeler with tropical fishWith Barbados Blue, snorkelers learn to snorkel with our free daily lessons and/or join us for a shipwreck and turtle snorkel in the calm leeward waters of Carlisle Bay Marine Park. We offer tours every afternoon and several mornings a week to swim in our calm, beautiful sea and enjoy the sea turtles and other marine creatures. Snorkeling with the sea turtles in Barbados is a fun and incredible experience that you and your family will never forget!


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In an effort to accommodate all experience levels we make it our job to get you comfortable in the water to appreciate the beautiful marine life underneath. Snorkeling is for all ages, including children of which we have had kids as young as 2 years in the water with us! When you come to Barbados and snorkel with us, we will provide you with a flotation vest, mask, snorkel, fins and if desired additional flotation aids (boogie board etc). Contact lenses can be worn underneath snorkeling masks however reading glasses or sunglasses cannot. Personal snorkeling equipment is welcome and we would be happy to help with suggestions for proper adjustment and use. We want your time snorkeling in the clear Barbados water to be relaxed and fun!

Snorkeling Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I keep water out of my mask?Make sure that the skirt of the snorkeling mask (plastic seal that fits to your face) is flat with no hair stuck under the seal. If you are sporting a mustache you can either cut it off (yikes!) or put some Vaseline on your mustache to help provide a seal. Do not tighten your snorkeling mask too much as this flattens out the round shape of the skirt preventing a proper fit, and, keep the snorkeling mask strap in the middle of the back of your head with the strap above the ears.If you do get a small amount of water in your mask (lines on your face when you smile at the fish) blow out through your nose while applying pressure on the top of the mask frame.
  2. How do I keep water out of my mouth?Be sure that you are holding the snorkel mouth piece in your mouth correctly by biting gently on the plastic notches in the mouthpiece. Let your lips fall around the outside of the snorkel mouthpiece completely. If you do get a small amount of water in your snorkel blow out and the water will shoot out either the top of the snorkel and/or depending on the snorkel style through the purge on the bottom.
  3. Will I sink?No absolutely not. All snorkelers are given vests to wear and our Barbados Blue water being salt water is very buoyant keeping swimmers and snorkelers effortlessly on the surface to enjoy the view.
  4. Will I see sharks and do the fish and turtles bite? On the calm leeward side of Barbados and in the serene Carlisle Bay Marine Park the chances of seeing a shark while snorkeling are next to none. So small in fact that one has never been reported. The fish and turtles are harmless on all counts however will come close enough for that perfect Kodak moment.

For the snorkelers that would rather not have fish blocking their view of the Barbados shipwrecks, corals and turtles, stay away from the feeding areas (where the fish congregate in beautiful thick clusters).

For the more experienced snorkelers Barbados Blue has some excellent free divers on staff that are always up for sharing experiences, giving tips or being challenged to a little competition. Our in-house record to date exceeds 3 minutes in breath holding and has reached a depth a 120ft free diving. Congratulations Roger!