In Barbados, vehicles drive on the left. Small buses are an easy and inexpensive way to get around. Car hire is easily arranged locally, you will be required to produce a valid driving license.

Generally speaking, Barbadians are traditional with respect to shopping hours and personal attire. Shops are open Monday – Friday ~ 9-5, Saturdays closing early afternoon and closed Sundays. Beach wear is generally not worn in town, and taxis do not transport wet sandy passengers. Please note that camouflage print clothing and accessories cannot be worn in Barbados as these patterns are restricted for military use only.

Tap water is potable and rich in calcium as a result of its natural filtration through the limestone cap (ancient coral reef) that makes up %85 of Barbados. The geological history of Barbados and some great pictures of the reef that surrounds us on land and in the sea is presented in the recently released coffee table book ‘Barbados. A Coral Paradise” by Angélique Brathwaite, Hazel Oxenford and Ramon Roach