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Beginner Scuba Dive – Resort Course

Barbados Blue is a PADI, BSAC and NAUI diving resort. The Barbados Blue diving facility is ideally situated beside the Carlisle Bay Marine Park providing divers of all levels of training with the best experience in the Eastern Caribbean.  In Carlisle Bay you will get a chance to see history come alive, and of course be surrounded with thousands of reef fish and vibrant coral reefs. Our comprehensive beginner course, called a Discover Scuba Diving experience or a Resort Dive, gets divers in the water and on a dive on the first day!

Resort dive confined water training lesson

Dive in: The day of a Barbados Blue beginner diver…

Our first lesson starts with a pool session in the Barbados Hilton pool.  In this confined water environment we introduce new divers to their equipment, give you all the time you need to get comfortable and teach you a few basic skills and exercises to build confidence. Once the new divers and their PADI Instructors are satisfied, which usually takes anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, the divers pass through the Barbados Blue Dive Shop where we get set to go out to the Marine Park for your first dive. We travel to the dive site by boat (2 minute drive) and spend the next hour getting in, getting comfortable and getting under de sea! This Barbados dive site has no current, no waves and is also a snorkeling site therefore when the new diver picks their comfort zone whether it is 2 feet below or 40 feet below there is more marine life to see than we have eyes for.


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