PADI Coral Reef First Aid



The PADI Coral Nursery Distinctive Specialty Course is open to any Certified Diver. PADI coral First Aid is only taught by Barbados Blue, Eco Dive Grenada, and Blue Vision in Punta Cana.

In an attempt to reverse the loss of some of the most beautiful and ecologically beneficial branching corals PADI is now training divers to establish Coral Nurseries around the world. The first step is to recover broken fragments of two specific corals. Acropora cervicornis. (Stag horn coral) and Acropora palmata (Elk horn coral).

This course gives certified divers the opportunity to learn about coral growth and participate in the building of coral nurseries in Barbados.

Two classes on land and 3 dives in ocean. We’ll go over coral basics, buoyancy skills, air bag usage, tying knots and setting up the A frame nursery. You’ll get the opportunity to rescue damaged coral fragments and be shown how to handle them, and then how to measure, monitor and photograph the A frames correctly.

You’ll get 3 training dives, a PADI Coral First Aid Certification card + Photos of you underwater at your nursery, and an awesome tie dye dive shirt.


  • Wild and threatened colonies/fragments collected.
  • Coral Fragments are propagated in a nursery setting on metal A frames.
  • After 6-12 months corals are harvested and transported to natural reef
  • The new and larger fragments are out planted to denuded natural reefs

Groups can even name their specific nursery and come back and visit every year. It’s amazing to see a once barren reef become colonized with branching corals, and then schooling fish.

This class is taught on demand and with a minimum of 2 divers. But 4 is optimal. All we need is 48hrs notice!

Thanks for helping us change the World, One dive at a Time!!!


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