Massive turtle
Big thank you to Tony for your kind feedback and sharing this video! “Just a short e-mail to say thank you for a nice 4 dives I had in the beginning of June this year. Also to Roger for making the air rings = bubble rings. Just uploaded a HD video on YouTube of what
We would like to thank all of our guests for taking the time to review us on Trip Advisor and to our BB team for their hard work and ambition to always improve!


Delicious lionfish
All rusty divers we are proud to offer free refreshers daily at 12:30 in Hilton Pool.  After this we do a 1 tank dive in Carlisle Bay- FIVE wrecks!! one dive!!

Barbados’ First Lionfish Hunt

Another Lionfish erradication exercise
WOW we are still getting lots of request for more lionfish, and YES we shall make the hunts a regular event.  We got another 25 yesterday.