Last weekend Barbados Blue partnered with Performance Freediving International to hold the first ever International Freediving course in Barbados. We saw statics up to 4:52, and had multiple divers hitting 35m/116′! We are so proud of the team that participated and want to thank Tom and Chris for coming down. If learning some serious skills
BBC TV along with Barbados Bluehaving a light moment
We would like to thank to recent team of BBC TV crew who came to join us for a special on the Invasive Caribbean Lionfish. To be featured on their BBC Caribbean programme with Simon Reeve we had a fantastic day hunting Lionfish followed by an authentic Caribbean cook up at the Oistins Fish Fry.
Illuminated starfish during UV night Dive
Some great UV night diving pictures of reef creatures that fluoresce.  If you are a certified up-to-date diver who has already done a regular night dive in the past this is definitely something worth trying. With a special light and filter for your mask it makes the reef come alive in a whole new way.