Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a certified Scubapro (dive gear) and Sherwood (tanks) Service Center and dealers, therefore we sport the goods. We also upgrade our gear every season, and change mouth pieces almost daily. BCD sizes range from XXS to XXL, and we have wet suits for rental $10/day.
Valet Diving as you will meet and leave your tanks on our boats no need to lift the heavy stuff.
We rent 80 L and 50L aluminium tanks and fill our tanks at the Department of Transport certified filling station.
We have available DIN valve adapters however our rental set-ups are yolk valve based. Nitrox is not currently available in Barbados, but is coming soon to Barbados Blue. Nitrox stay tuned!

Taxi or Car

Hilton Hotel Complex
Needham's Point, Pebbles Beach
Carlisle Bay St. Michael 

Bus access

Get off at - Texaco Service Station Bus Stop, Lower Bay Street

Transport Board Routes:

Sam Lord's Castle, Crane, City Circle, Fairy Valley, St. Christopher, Silver Sands

Route Taxi Bus (ZR van) No. 11


Barbados Blue divers can begin their adventure at age 8 years in the swimming pool and at age 10 years in the sea. There is no upper age limit for diving however all divers should be in good physical health. If you have medical concerns please contact your medical doctor and ask about your status and diving.

Divers need to wait 12 hours after a single dive before getting on an airplane. However, there is no limit for coming off a plane into the sea. If you have questions about your schedule please ask Barbados Blue dive staff.

When divers and free divers go under water the water pressure puts pressure on our ears, this can feel much like the pressure change in an airplane. To alleviate this as we go under water, one of the Barbados Blue dive staff would be with you and you would be holding onto a rope to control exactly how fast you want to go down, we ask that you pinch your nostrils and blow against them lightly . Scuba diving masks are designed with a nose piece so that you can pinch through the mask. Try it right now…pinch your nose and blow against your nostrils lightly. Any change? This action in the diver’s world is called “equalizing” and we encourage all our divers to do this every few feet on their way down. The key is to be patient and force nothing. Gently equalizing the ears often will allow your dive to be the eye-opening addictive experience it was for all of us here at Barbados Blue.